What does it mean to dream about lice?

Lice are one of the most hated insects by people, since when they appear it is difficult to eliminate them. But apparently they also show up unconsciously in the dreams of some, and apparently this doesn’t bode well.

According to what is reported on the site Soñar.com, if when you are asleep you see these parasites “it’s a bad sign for your life” as “they are the representation of the lack of care and personal hygiene”, something that also translates into “a neglect of your future and what your present represents”.

In summary, what is ensured is that you are going through a personal moment in which you are putting aside your general well-being and that allows “Let others suck your life.”

Going even to something more serious, the Clarín newspaper details that dreaming of lice can reflect that an illness is approaching or that the betrayal of a friend or family member has just happened. For this reason, you must pay attention to who are those around you and what decisions you are making in this regard.

Here reference is made to work and apparently that insect represents your boss, who may not be satisfied with your daily performance, the way you deal with your colleagues or the way you are solving the problems that come your way .