What does Paul want to work on, the rebellious son of Flor de la V

Florence of the V He spoke of his family again a few days ago and referred to his children very proudly, so much so that he even revealed what one of them wants to work for in a few years.

The host of Intruders talked about her son Paul, who is already 10 years old and who expressed his desire to become a youtuber. The boy also usually poses with complete ease and naturalness in front of the cameras.

Like her sister Isabella, Paul He has his own very marked style and has already written a letter to his mother formally commenting on his wish. She told it like that Flower in a chat with brito angel In the m.

Paul and Isabella, the children of Flor de la V.

“In the pandemic there was something new. Paul wants to be a YouTuber,” he said. flower of the V. “He wrote me a letter where he says that he is a very good student, that he is doing very well in mathematics, in language. He listed me characteristics that elevate him, so he managed to convince me, ”he added.

“I tell him that he is young to be a youtuber. In addition, what I explain to him is that it is something that requires a lot of work. He takes many hours to record and edit the videos, ”revealed the host about the talk with her son.

Paul, who is already a tween, made an intervention on the air and revealed that he always helps his mother with posts on social networks. “I edit most of the videos for my mom,” she confessed.