What drug does Colin give Benedict?

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    Every time we think we have many months to go to see the cast of ‘The Bridgertons’ season 3 in action, it makes us want to cry. The only consolation we have left is to go back to preparing a marathon with the past chapters and continue analyzing some of the things that happened. It may be a while, but there are still details that we can polish. surely when you saw the scene starring Benedict and Colin Bridgerton in which the latter gave him some strange powder, you wondered what kind of drug it was supplied to his brother.

    The same thing happened when everyone began to speculate on what Queen Charlotte was sniffing throughout this second installment and that it turned out to be snuff or snuff. Suddenly, we feel the need to know what ‘placed’ the young man in that way and, finally, we have the answer thanks to the statements of an expert to Women’s Health picked up by Univision.

    tea scene


    Colin, Penelope’s ‘crush’, would have brought some purple powder from his trip to Greece that his brother did not hesitate to dissolve in his tea and, apparently, it would be opium powder, according to Lucas Richert, a historian at the University of Wisconsin who also adds that at that time there were no restrictions on consuming this type of substance. When the third son Bridgerton told him about said component, he confirmed that when he had taken it during his trip he spent hours meditating on a leaf. Benedict’s ‘high’ was not minor and thanks to the fact that he went overboard with the quantity, he gave us one of the funniest moments of this installment.

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