What eyes, Majo López zips down to the bottom and his kilos come out, they look standing

Again, Maria Jose Lopez Malo, unleashed intense reactions on social networks with a spicy photo session that left thousands of people open-mouthed, since he did not care zip down all the way down so that their kilos would come off, those who were seen standing in front of the camera lens.

Since it ventured into digital platforms, the popularity of the internet celebrity it rose to the clouds and in a short time millions of people began to follow it so as not to miss any of its updates.

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Thanks to the fame she has gained in recent years, the well-known Mexican model decided to move to Spain to be part of an entertainment company for adults, with which she will soon begin to launch new content.

Meanwhile, Majo López has dedicated himself to pampering his loyal fans with revealing publications, just as he did recently after publishing a flirty photo shoot Through her personal account on the Instagram social network, where she wore a small gray outfit that left nothing to the imagination and her fans told her “what eyes.”

Posing like an expert in front of the camera, the popular 35-year-old model was encouraged to lower the zipper of her bodysuit all the way down so that her kilos would come off and they would look good standing upwhich thrilled her millions of admirers because the garment was very marked on her worked silhouette.

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“Today I look more beautiful than usual, right?” Was the message that the successful influencer from Veracruz placed in the description of her publication, with which she managed to exceed 17,000 little red hearts in a matter of hours, in addition to the hundreds of compliments and compliments that his followers wrote him.

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