What Gigi does in the jungle phone even goes too far for Cosimo

Updated on 01/22/2023, 00:00

  • Will brawlers Cecilia and Tessa make jungle peace on Day 9?
  • And can Verena Kerth hug her jungle king Marc Terenzi again?
  • In any case, Gigi Birofio, Cosimo Citiolo and Cecilia Asoro make a pact: they would do anything to get food.

More news about the jungle camp

Who thought the dispute between Cecilia Asoro and Tessa Bergmeier would have peaked on day 8 – far from it. A day later it goes on merrily.

Tessa takes a step towards Cecilia. “Would you like to have a chat afterwards? I thought it was a total shame what happened yesterday.” Cecilia, on the other hand, sees things differently and doesn’t want to talk anymore. “You completely freaked out and said I was aggressive. I have zero, zero percent apologies for what happened yesterday because you were completely insane.” Tessa felt attacked and attacked her.

Of course, Tessa sees this very differently. “You put yourself in front of me.” Will the two make peace in the coming jungle days?

Verena Kerth hugs her Marc

After Verena Kerth’s move, everyone is shocked – but most of all she herself, as she also tells our editors. At RTL she says: “I didn’t expect it at all. I thought I had to go to a jungle test. I would have liked to have stayed a few more days. I would have thought that Jana or Tessa would have to go.”

But where one door closes, a new one usually opens: Marc Terenzi waiting for his maybe-soon-wife. He meets her on a beach. “I missed you so much, sweetheart! I’m so proud of you!” There can Verena only be happy: “With your hug everything is fine again.”

Gigi will do anything to get food

The “stars” are slowly doing everything they can to get food. Cosimo Citiolo even gets really inventive. He grabs Cecilia and Gigi Birofio and submits his plan on the jungle phone. “The three of us put on a great show and everyone gets a doner kebab with everything. For me even with onions, although I can’t eat it.”

As if it had been rehearsed, the three start right away: Cosimo raps, Cecilia dances – and of course Gigi does what Gigi does. He holds his bare buttocks up to the camera. “I’m willing to do anything for food,” he says simply. However, that is not Cosimo’s intention. “Put that on! Your father sees that, Madonna! It was a mistake coming here!”

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