what happened and how is he

Shortly after a road accident in which two journalists died in César, a Vallenato figure in Colombia was scared by a similar situation on a highway in the country.

This is Adolfo Pacheco, a native icon of San Jacinto who received a tribute in December of last year during the Multicultural Festival of Montes de María, in El Carmen de Bolívar.

Born on August 8, 1940, the veteran composer of nationally renowned songs such as ‘El mochuelo’, ‘La hamaca grande’ and ‘El viejo Miguel’ was affected by a traffic accident in Bolívar.

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Adolfo Pacheco’s traffic accident, Vallenato idol: what happened and how he is

The incident occurred on Thursday on the roads of Calamar (Bolívar, see map) when the vallenato idol was moving from San Jacinto to Barranquilla, according to information from Radio Nacional de Colombia.

The traffic accident occurred after the vehicle in which Pacheco was traveling had a front tire burst, causing it to go off the road.

The vallenato idol was taken in the first instance to a health center near the scene of the accident, but later he was transferred to one in Barranquilla to perform tests in order to determine the consequences of what happened.

Miguel Adolfo Pacheco Lora, son of a musical icon, told Radio Nacional that his father had “bruises on his shoulder and arm”, although an official report is not yet known.

This case is added to other traffic accidents in which vallenato figures have been involved, such as the one experienced by the singer Silvio Brito last December.

In fact, months ago, the brother of the artist Natalia died in a sinister road, in a scene that had the heartbreaking story of the young woman who took her to the scene.