What happened between Laura Zapata and Thalía?

Laura Zapata and Thalía are united for life by blood as they are family. Despite this, the half-sisters do not get along at all, especially since their grandmother Eva Mange died.

Although the treatment they maintained before was cordial, after the death of an important member of the family, the women distanced themselves. And there was a specific reason: Yolanda Andrade came out to say that the soap opera villain lived thanks to the money that Thalía sent her for her grandmother’s expenses.

Faced with such a statement, Zapata asked her half-sister to deny her friend, but what she received in return was silence.

“Since people change when we make a decision, probably the decision that I made will be changed when I get a return of what I asked for, but since I haven’t had it, then… I don’t care!” Zapata said in statements that he took up again. Who magazine. Zapata responded to this when asked about Thalia’s new release and before giving his opinion, he pointed at the reporters for going after the “gossip”.

“All I asked is that you come out and say that what your friend says is a lie. She kept silent, so I don’t care,” she added.