What happened between Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso?

Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera married in 2006 and formed a family, but unfortunately the love story could not continue and in 2019 they ended up divorcing. Several controversies surrounded the couple during the years they were together and even continue to this day.

As the participant of “La Casa de los Famosos 2” told in the reality show, the couple met at a “Toro del Corrido” concert. After the show, Lupillo sent people to get Mayeli’s number. At that time, she did not have her own cell phone, but the singer insisted and managed to contact her. Since then, he has presented her with numerous gifts and tokens of affection. At first, Alonso’s father was opposed to the relationship because Rivera was still in the process of divorce, but then it was the father-in-law who suffered the separation the most.

In the divorce process, Rivera mentioned the reasons for the divorce and an infidelity on the part of the businesswoman was recorded in the minutes when they were still together. This reason was leaked in the media and caused a real scandal. Although Lupillo would have preferred to avoid the bad time, he later had to face the media with the mother of his daughter.