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A few days ago the name of Shakira became a trend, after users on social networks found an uncomfortable moment that he lived with the driver Adam Ramones, since he tried to touch her without her agreeing, so she confronted him. This triggered a wave of comments, which mostly support the attitude of the singer.

This happened in the mid-90’s, on the show ‘Another roll’, which was a television show with different sections that were presented with a humorous touch, one of those segments consisted of interviewing celebrities of international stature, such is the case of Will Smith, Christina Aguilar or Britney Spears.

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On one of those nights, the presenter received the interpreter of ‘Eyes like that’ accompanied by her parents, who were in the front row of the audience, at first the interaction It went normally but Adal began to ask several questions that put uncomfortable to the Colombian exponent, who in the end decided to stop when he wanted to physically approach.

The awkward moment between Shakira and Adal

The recording was taken from a broadcast of an episode of ‘Another roll’ which was issued at the end of the year nineteen ninety six, at that time the singer who was in the early years of her career was promoting her album ‘Barefoot’, which he had published just a year earlier. At the time she was 19 years old, while Adal was 35.

The interview was for artist share a little of his musical projects, however, Adal began to ask himself several questions regarding his love life, because he told him to describe his ‘perfect man’, He also asked her about her waist measurement, to which she replied that she was not attracted to men who look at me only in that part of her body.

After this situation, the driver he wanted to be more direct and tried to put his hand on Shakira’s waist, she without thinking held him by the wrist so he wouldn’t touch her. That was how, while the audience laughed, Adal asked him to do the same with him: “You grab me and I don’t say anything, look grab me”, Indian.

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Upon hearing this proposal, the UNICEF ambassador also replied: “It’s just that I don’t want to touch you, who said?” At that time, the driver asked him another question to find out if his waist really measured 60 cm. Later he continued questioning her about her perfect partner, and before her apparent insinuations, she told him: “No, no, you’re not even close.”

Originally published in El Sol de Puebla