What happened to Antonio de la Rúa, Shakira’s ex-partner?

Shakira is single again after confirming her separation from Gerard Piqué after more than ten years together, but the truth is that the Colombian also had another long relationship in the past, with Antonio de la Rúa.

The interpreter and the son of the former Argentine president met and the love between them quickly arose. This is how they were in a couple for eleven years, although after finishing they faced each other in Justice, where he demanded that she give him more than 75 million dollars because he was her manager during the time they were in love, but he did not obtain the result that I expected.

After being in all the magazines, the Argentine lawyer decided to get away from the cameras and again bet love with a young Colombian woman named Daniela Ramos, who is a DJ and model. Together they had two children named Zulú and Mael and although they are separated today, they maintain a good relationship, mainly because of the little ones.

Although De la Rúa did not get the money he wanted from Shakira, his talent for business made him make his own fortune. The main activity that he carries out is based on the management of hotel projects in different parts of the world.

He currently resides in Berlin, a place he chose as a base for the development of his successful contracts, which have given him a reputation in the world of tourism.