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In addition to its protagonists and villains, the successful Colombian telenovela Peter the scaly It was full of characters that managed to stick in the memory of viewers.

Among these, one of the most remembered by all despite its brief appearance is John Pachecothe father of the protagonist, Paula Davilaand her half-sisters yadira Y Mayerli Pacheco.

Within the melodrama of Caracol Television, released in 2001, the hero of the story, Peter Coral, meet Pacheco the same night that the father of the family decides to end his life.

However, before dying, he asks Peter take care of his wife Nidia Pataquiva, and their three daughters. This is how the town heartthrob becomes responsible for the Pachecos.

Luis Fernando Munera

Also, discover that the woman who shot him when he arrived in Bogotá is Paula, a young woman who was studying abroad sponsored by her father, with whom she did not get along.

Behind this important role was impeccable the first Colombian actor Luis Fernando Munera. At that time, he was already an established acting personality in his homeland.

However, since the premiere of the teledrama written by dago garcia Y Louis Philip Salamancamore than two decades have passed in which much changed in the life of the talented actor.

What happened to Juan Pacheco de Peter the scaly?

Currently, Munera is 73 years old.time has barely passed through it because it conserves its vigor and he is retired from the world of acting and public life.

After his remembered participation in Peter the scalythe also broadcaster continued to expand his remarkable career until 2020year in which he said goodbye to acting.

On television, from his impersonation of Juan Pacheco until his retirement, the outstanding first performer was part of the cast of 18 television productions; according to imdb.

Luis Fernando Munera

the guy (2017), Waiter (2018), you will always be loved (2019), Beyond time (2019) and before the fire (2020) are the last telenovelas in which he worked.

Meanwhile, in the cinema, the artist gave life to different characters in about six film projects after Peter the scalyWhat paradise travel (2008) and The walk (2010).

After these interventions, the theater actor also decided to retire. Since then, he dedicated himself to living quietly in Bogotá, surrounded by the love of his loved ones.

Luis Fernando Munera

In 2020, the eternal John Pacheco from Peter the scaly gave an interview to the Colombian program Network where he confessed to having faced health problems that year.

As he said, because of these injuries, he was hospitalized twice in a clinic. Also, although he said that these episodes were not serious, he did “hit him very hard.”

Similarly, during this talk with the broadcast, the man born in Medellín shared that he was devoted to day-to-day activities that he had not done before due to lack of time.

Luis Fernando Munera

Watch TV, movies, news, read, think about life, share with your children and friends and enjoy every task of your daily life make up your day-to-day itinerary now.

My day to day can be summed up in one word: nothing. Lately, I haven’t done anything. I have taken the opportunity to rest, to be in my house here with them, recovering … ”, she revealed.

I’m enjoying life, nothing more.” concluded the famous Colombian luminary who has not updated her Instagram profile since 2018.

Luis Fernando Munera