What happened to “Las populares” after the soap opera?

Among the many children’s soap operas that managed to conquer an entire generation of audiences is Ugly Ducklinga successful Argentine musical melodrama released in 2007.

The project, transmitted by Disney Channel for Latin America, captivated audiences by telling the story of Patricia Castroa sweet and insecure teenager who dreams of being a singer.

In the plot, the protagonist moves to Buenos Aires to receive medical treatment and must not only adjust to a new home, but also a new school: the Pretty Land School of Arts.

Inside your school Duckling exploited his singing talent, met his first love and forged a close friendship with the populara group of classmates who also made music.

What happened to the actresses? the popular in Ugly Duckling?

Josefina Beltrán, Tamara Valiente and Sol Démini They were the names of the young women who made up the group, supported and welcomed the protagonist since her arrival at the exclusive institution.

Laura Esquivel, Thelma Fardín, Eva de Dominici and María Sol Berecoechea They were in charge of giving life to these young ladies within the production of Ideas del Sur, Polka Producciones and Televisa.

Since then, 15 years have passed in which much has changed in the life behind the actresses who were part of this group. Therefore, we show you how they changed and what happened to their lives:

Laura Esquivel

At about 13 years of age, Laura Esquivel made his acting debut playing Ducklingthe likeable leader of the popular and heroine of this success story that catapulted her to stardom.

after the projectEsquivel continued to build his career as a singer, conductor and actress. In this last facet, she has focused mainly on projects for the theater and not the screens.

Today, the Argentine interpreter is a few months away from turning 29 years old and continues to be present in the world of entertainment, especially on stage. Besides, she is a singing teacher.

The play kinky boots, presented in Argentina last year, is the last project in which he has worked in the theater; while, on the screens, it was in the series Maradona, blessed dream (2021).

Laura Esquivel in 'Ugly Duckling' and today

Thelma Fardin

The actress Thelma Fardin She was just about to turn 15 when she achieved world fame giving life to the intelligent and brave Josephine BeltranMatías’s sister and best friend of Duckling.

Following her outstanding performance in the hit children’s melodrama, Fardín continued to expand his career as an interpreter with great success on television, film and theater in his native Argentina.

In 2018, the star shook show business by going public the criminal complaint that he had filed against Juan Darthéswho gave life to Leandro in Ugly Ducklingof course sexual abuse.

According to his complaint, the alleged rape would have occurred during the telenovela’s tour of Nicaragua in 2009. At that time, she was 16 years old and he was 45. The judicial process is still ongoing.

Currently, also a singer and activist has 30 years and, in addition to continuing in search of justice, it is in force in the middle. The Serie two 20 (2022) is the last project in which he has acted.

Thelma Fardín in 'Ugly Duckling' and today

Dominic’s Eve

the comedian Dominic’s Eve he was close to 12 years old when he showed his great talent impersonating Tamara Bravea serene and reserved teenager with a passion for hockey.

After his work in Ugly DucklingDe Dominici continued unstoppable linking all kinds of roles in numerous TV and film projects with which he won the applause of all.

At the moment, He is 27 years old and continues to shine in the world of acting. The fragility of the bodies (2017), Maradona, blessed dream (2021) and The Cleaning Lady (2022) are his most outstanding series.

At the same time, she is dedicated to her role as cairo mom, his 3-year-old son. Her firstborn is the result of her courtship with the Spanish composer edward cross. The family resides in the United States.

Eva de Dominici in 'Ugly Duckling' and today

Maria Sol Berecoechea

The star Maria Sol Berecoechea she was also a teenager when she put herself in the shoes of the endearing Sol Deminia cheerful, sweet and peaceful young woman, in the successful television series Ugly Duckling.

After the end of the memorable production, he retired from acting. Nowadays, Berecoechea is just 31 years old and continues to be linked to the artistic medium, but behind the camera.

And it is that the eternal Sun of Ugly Duckling graduated as Image and sound designer. Currently, he works as such and keeps in touch with audiences through his Instagram profile.

The one who did continue in the world of acting is her twin sister Maria Belen Berecoecheawho had a participation in the children’s melodrama as Belenthe lost twin of Sun.

“The truth is that with my sister it is difficult for me, because many times there is a search for twins, but she did not want to continue on that side, although for me she is a very good actresssaid Belen to Daily Show.

María Sol Berecoechea in 'Ugly Duckling' and today