What happened to Martín Ricca and who is he still a friend of, Belinda or Daniela Luján?

Martin Ricca was the crush of an entire generation of girls in the late ’90s, but only Belinda and Daniela Lujan They were able to kiss him at the end of the soap operas where they worked together.

The Argentine starred in ‘Daniela’s diary’, ‘Friends for ever’ and ‘Accomplices to the rescue’, where he established himself as a youth star. After returning to his homeland, he devoted himself to soccer for a while, but later he returned to the musical side of himself.

He has returned to Mexico and has performed in concert, but the fame he once had is far behind.

With Belinda he shared credits, but also an infant lawsuit. In an interview with Flor Rubio, when she was just coming of age, the singer confessed that the time of “Friends x Forever” was very hard for her.

“I was friends for always and at that time it was Martín who always had all the advantages, for being a man, and all the girls yelled at him on stage, and it was hard for me for the fans to know me, respect me. And in the novel many times it was like ‘Martín first, and then everyone in the group’”.

“And in fact what people don’t know is that we got along badly. And people said we were dating, no, never,” Belinda said.

Fate met Daniela and Martín again, and they really are ‘friends forever’.

Stop everything! This is a better #Tbt for coincidences of life and without planning I found this little person in Monterrey! I haven’t seen him for years, 15 or 16, and I’m so glad to see him so well, so nice, wasting talent! As far as I remember… I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw him, thousands of emotions and memories came straight to my mind and heart, with him I shared a large part of my childhood and adolescence and we had a lot of experiences together! It’s good to see you @ martinricca1 continues to triumph as always and continues with that essence that has made you conquer the public and stay in their hearts for so many years.

In 2020 they met again and even sang the main song of ‘El Diario de Daniela’.