What happened to the heartthrob Fernando Colunga? After 7 years away from soap operas, it is still not revealed why he abandoned his reappearance in the drug series | People | Entertainment

Fernando Colunga is a actor Mexican whose career gained greater recognition during the 1990s, when he starred in TV soaps iconic songs such as “Soy tu Dueña”, “Amor Real”, “María la del barrio”, “Esmeralda” or “La Usurpadora”.

For his leading role with the actress and singer Thalia In the novel “María la del Barrio”, they became one of the favorite couples on the small screen at the time.

The telenovela “Pasión y Poder”, broadcast by Televisawas the last production in which Colunga participated, in 2015.

What happened to Fernando Colunga?

At the beginning of the year 2021, there were signs that the actor could appear on screen again, this time in the character of “Malverde” for the production of Telemundo.

They even rolled in social media images of the actor’s physical transformation to play the characterwhich made many think that the project was a fact.

However, in February of the same year it became known that Fernando Colunga unexpectedly left the cast of “Malverde: the Patron Saint.”

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The decision was a mystery, since there was never a formal statement from the actor or the production company in this regard, and the question was raised as to why he would leave such a prestigious project.

However, a source close to Colunga said, according to the MDZ media outlet, that the actor was under threat from Mexican drug traffickers for his possible participation in the soap opera, and decided to withdraw.

The same source, who gave his statement under identity protection, expressed “the narco rules,” adding that Fernando had been under threats several times because drug traffickers from the area “they didn’t want him playing Malverde”, so he preferred not to risk his life.

Quickly, it became known that the also Mexican actor, Peter Fernandez would supply the role of Colunga as “Malverde”.

During the time he was preparing to play “El Santo Patrón”, it was the last time we saw Fernando Colunga make a public appearance.

In that reappearance, Colunga confirmed that he maintains the same attractiveness with which he conquered his fans at the beginning of his artistic career, in addition to his muscular build and elegant bearing, which distinguishes him from the rest of the soap opera protagonists.

And since his withdrawal from the project became known, he has stayed away from the screens and little is known about his private life, of which he is very jealous, which is why he is not exhibited in public places or on social networks.

Likewise, it is unknown if he married, as rumors say that he is the sentimental partner of the beautiful actress. White Soto, with whom you share a life in Miamiaccording to a review by El Comercio magazine. (AND)

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