What happened to the nanny who stole Olivia Newton John’s husband? The blonde is now a therapist, a millionaire and assures that she is “in mourning” | People | Entertainment

After the death of Olivia Newton John, due to the cancer she suffered for 30 years, there have been many dusted stories about her public and private life, which did not escape the tabloids.

Such is the case of his first marriage and how that relationship was broken due to infidelity. A true life story that many consider worthy of a movie.

Cindy Jessup’s name is back in the spotlight this week after Newton John’s death. She is about the then young blonde nanny who was blamed for the breakup of Olivia Newton John’s first marriage.

Who is John Easterling? The husband of Olivia Newton-John, the great defender and businessman of natural medicine who never let go of her hand after marrying in her beloved Cusco in Peru

Jessup was just 23 years old when he met Olivia and her then-husband Matt Lattanzi. Ella was a beautiful young cyclist from New Zealand, who was invited to the family home near Byron Bay, Australia, and hired to look after her seven-year-old daughter Chloe.

Two years later, Olivia and Matt parted ways, leaving the 48-year-old artist alone, battling breast cancer. Four years later, Jessup, then 28, quietly married Lattanzi in California.

The nanny who stole Olivia Newton John’s husband is in mourning

After being vilified for that episode and again remembered for the Grease star’s passing, Cindy Jessup told the Daily Mail that she, too, is mourning Olivia Newton John following her death at the age of 73.

From his $2.7 million home in San Diego, Jessup paid tribute to Olivia. “The world has lost a true angel. Olivia cared deeply about people and the planet. She was a great force for good, she was always helping others,” said Cindy, now in her early 50s.

Unusual story! This is the ex-boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John who mysteriously disappeared one day fishing to fake her death due to debts and legal problems

The then nanny recounted that her marriage to Lattanzi broke up years later, although she did not give details. She later married a successful transplant surgeon from California.

The couple have two young children, attend music festivals like Burning Man, and are big fans of the outdoors. The couple lives in Encinitas, near San Diego.

Now, the blonde uses her married name: Cindy Fisher, she is a couples and family therapist and also a massage therapist.

Online, she describes her work as helping “clients tune in to their innate inner wisdom and find a meaningful connection with themselves and others.”

It’s unclear what ultimately led to the breakdown of Jessup and Lattanzi’s marriage in 2007.


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