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With songs like ‘Rosa pastel’, ‘Por ti’, ‘Baila mi corazón’, ‘Cada que’ and ‘I wonder’, the group positioned itself as one of the most important in the Latin pop genre.

However, in 2018, Denisse Guerrero, Ricardo Arreola and Edgar Huerta joined the list of celebrities who left the show business; For this reason, Internet users wonder what has become of the band’s vocalist.

What happened to Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of Belanova?

The interpreter of ‘Take my hand’ was born on August 8, 1980 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico and from a very young age she showed her love for music. According to the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, when she was only eight years old, her mother enrolled her in a carnival, where she was selected as her queen.

In 2000, Denisse joined Richie and Edgar to form the pop band Belanova, with which she became a well-known Mexican artist. In an interview with ‘Exa’ on March 5, 2018, the group members revealed their secret to staying together for so many years.

“Tolerance is an important thing, isn’t it? Especially working as a team. The three of us compose, Denisse does all the lyrics and a work team has already been formed with which we are happy, ”Ricardo Arreola admitted at the time.

Throughout their career, Denisse and her colleagues released various songs that captivated the public; One of his most memorable hits is ‘Eres tú’, the Spanish version of ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’, the main theme of the Disney movie ‘High School Musical’.

In this regard, in the official video of the melody, Internet users have left affectionate comments in which they assure that they have “good memories”.

“Excellent song”, “I still love this song”, “What good childhood memories”, “I remember the premiere with all my love” and “Beautiful time”, are some of the messages.

Denisse Guerrero and Belanova made various tours around the world

Through the group’s Instagram account, the interpreters showed off some of the trips they made to various countries around the world. For example, in January 2016, the voice of ‘Rosa pastel’ starred in a photograph in which she appears wearing a red bikini in Cuba.

A year later, on April 28, 2017, the Mexican star posed for the cameras at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing and thanked her followers for their loving comments.

What was Belanova’s last album?

The members of the pop band were active for 18 years, until they left the spotlight in December 2018 (when they made their last publication on social networks).

Before taking a break, which has lasted four years, Belanova released the album ‘Viaje al centro del corazón’, which includes songs like ‘Nada es equal’, ‘A thousand poems’ and ‘This time’.

The last time that Denisse Guerrero, now 42 years old, celebrated her birthday with her fans was in 2018, when the group took the opportunity to dedicate a beautiful message to her on her social profile.

“Today is the birthday of the person who gives lyrics and voice to our work. Denisse, thank you very much for your friendship and for sharing your talent with all of us. Happy Birthday! We love you very much”, reads the dedication.

What has become of Denisse Guerrero de Belanova?

In a chat with Javier Poza on August 18, 2021, Edgar Albino Huerta spoke about the whereabouts of the group’s vocalist.

“Right now she is in Sinaloa, she decided to spend some time with her family, which is very valid for me, after 18 years of continuous work. They were 18 very intense years and it was necessary, suddenly, to take a break, she told us ‘I want to spend time with my parents,’” she shared.

Tell us, would you like Belanova to return to the music industry? What is your favorite song of the group?