What happened to Verónica Velásquez, the Colombian queen famous for her phrase “man with man, woman with woman?

ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA.- Verónica Velásquez became famous several years ago not precisely for becoming a beauty queen, but for starring in one of the most embarrassing moments on television.

The Queen of Antioquia got nervous on stage when Carlos Calero, presenter of the beauty pageant, asked her: “Do you believe that women are the complement of men?

Immediately the beautiful Veronica replied: “I believe that man complements man, woman with woman, man with man and also woman with man in the same way, in the opposite direction.”.

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This response has been remembered for years and even became a joke on social networks, this made the young beauty queen almost disappear from the map.

Was the journalist Carlos Ochoa who put her back in the public eye after publishing some pictures of her pregnant.

In the images, the former queen was seen showing off her nine months of pregnancy and celebrating her birthday on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

The Colombian has a very private life and her profiles on social networks are not public.

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Veronica looking beautiful in her pregnancy.

After the reign, Veronica worked as underwear model of Colombian brands, he appeared on billboards and magazine ads, he also paraded in several fashion catwalks, but that life was left behind.

Veronica is known to have graduated from Administrative Engineering from the National University of Medellinthe young woman received a scholarship throughout her career for her high grades that clearly contrast with the bad image she left after her participation in the contest.

In addition, Velásquez married the biochemical engineer Santiago Correa in 2014. Now, the Colombian became a mother at 34 years old and apparently lives in USA.

Veronica with her husband on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.