what happened to your daughter

Juan Diego Alvira’s trip to Cartagena was not in vain and managed to win the statuette as best news presenter for his daily appearance in the morning of Caracol Television.

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His work in Noticias Caracol made him worthy of this award and he received recognition from the public among many others. presenters who were in contention at the India Catalina Awards.

The delivery of this award was before the transmission of Señal Colombia beganbut they did show a short video of what he said in his victory speech.

As Juan Diego Alvira went to Cartagena with his family, he mentioned his daughter when he won and lamented that he had not been able to get on the stage, the same one on which a winner fell. “Thanks to my beautiful daughter, who is sitting there and I wanted her to be here to tell Caracol viewers that thank you very much.“, expressed the Ibagueresian.

On his social networks he once again told the people who see him every morning that They are the ones who have won this recognition and he did it with a video in which his wife Ana María Escoba accompanied him.r.

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Although that was the only prize that went to him that night, Juan Diego Alvira climbed for a second statuette. She did it on behalf of ‘La Voz Kids’, which won for best children’s audiovisual production.

“Caracol has delegated me to say thank you on behalf of ‘La Voz Kids’, said the presenter who claims to have a disorder that does not allow him to sleep well on some nights.