What happens between Belinda and the Argentine actor Guillermo Pfening?

In the midst of the scandal over the leaking of messages between Christian Nodal and Belinda after their breakup, the Mexican singer and actress surprised all her followers by posting images in her Instagram stories with an Argentine actor.

This is Guillermo Pfening, with whom he shared a cast in the Spanish Netflix series, Welcome to Eden. Since the 43-year-old actor and film director appeared on the social networks of the interpreter of “Luz Sin Gravidad”, doubts arose about what their type of bond was and if there could be a romance between them; Although at the moment these are just speculations.

The actor also shared images with Belinda on his Instagram stories; First, he publicly thanked her for the gift of a bottle of tequila and then dedicated a profound message to her: “Fly high, as you know,” he wrote next to a photo of “Beli” looking at the horizon at sunset by the side of a river.

Guillermo Pfening is an actor who was born on December 9, 1978 in Córdoba, Argentina. He studied Combined Arts at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Actoral Training with Raúl Serrano and Guillermo Angeleri. He made his film debut with “Corazón Iluminado” (1998) and the following year jumped to television as part of the soap opera Champions of life. One of his most recent jobs was to be part of the successful Spanish Netflix series Welcome to Eden.