What happens between Rodrigo De Paul and Tini?

Rodrigo de Paul and Tini Stoessel are on everyone’s lips, since the rumors about a possible romance between them are getting stronger and stronger.

The versions emerged after the Atlético de Madrid player confirmed the separation of Camila Homs, his partner and mother of his two children Francesca and Bautista. At that time, the athlete and the singer began to exchange some “likes” on Instagram, which caught the attention of users.

But recently some doubts were dispelled when Sebastián Yatra’s former partner shared with his fans that he was enjoying the landscapes of Ibiza. And Rodrigo inadvertently posted a tweet without turning off the “location” feature, so everyone could see that he was in the same place.

Could the meeting have been pure chance? The press assures that no and that the famous are very happy with the relationship they maintain. In addition, both recently went through very difficult times: De Paul due to his separation and Stoessel with his father’s illness, who was very serious for several weeks.

Until now, neither the talented singer nor the member of the Argentine soccer team spoke about the link, although their public hopes that it is true, as they express it on social networks.