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In addition to its protagonist, the telenovela Peter the scaly was full of secondary characters that won over the public. Among these, without a doubt, is Lawrence of Espriella.

In the successful Colombian melodrama, released in 2001, Lorenzo is Pedrito Coral Jr.’s shy teacher at school.the son of the hero of the story, the gallant Peter Choral.

Within the plot, the also husband of the glamor teacher “Nugget” Pombo takes an immense affection for the “scaly” and his offspring after they live in his house for a while.

lorenzo in "Peter the scaly"

Behind this noble character was more than just the famous Colombian actor Enrique Carriazo Rodriguez. At that time, he had been shining as an actor in his country for several years.

Since then, more than two decades have passed in which much has changed in the life of the famous interpreter and viewers wonder what happened to him after the soap opera.

What did the actor from Lorenzo de la Espriella do after Peter the scaly?

Currently, Enrique Carriazo is 54 years old, His image has hardly changed over time and he has been away from acting for a couple of years.

After his outstanding performance in Peter the scaly, the versatile actor continued to expand his extensive career on all stages, but taking a few breaks along the way.

His first role after giving life to Lorenzo de la Espriella was that of Benign Pear Trees in Guardian angel, my sweet company (2003-2004). This was followed ediberto reyes in the successful soap opera The Kings (2005-2006), a project for which he gained great recognition.

However, after the triumphs reaped with this production, he left the small and big Colombian screen voluntarily for several years.

In his absence, Carriazo dedicated himself to exploiting his facet as a writer by film and theater scripts. Likewise, he also devoted himself to other of his passions: train new actors.

In 2014, the actor returned to television with everything starring Dr Mata in the skin of Nepomucene Matallanaan unscrupulous lawyer whose hand does not tremble to kill.

However, he moved away again until 2019, when the telenovela returned as the protagonist the glory of fighta story with which he won the hearts of the public again.

Since then, he only acted in two more projects before distancing himself from the small screen again: the Netflix series Story of a crime: Colmenares (2019) and Liberator (2020).

It should be noted that his absences on television are due, in particular, to the fact that he takes his time to choose his projects and in each one he delivers a high-quality performance.

Thanks to this, the art lover has won several awards and nominations for his latest performances and has risen to the title as one of the best actors in Colombia.

Enrique Carriazo’s career in the cinema after Peter the scaly

In the cinema, the journey of Enrique Carriazo It has been similar to what he has had on TV. After Peter the scaly He acted in feature films until 2004 after his work in The corner.

Finally, he returned with his performance in Always alive in 2015. Three years later, he would play his next and last role on the big screen in Amalia, the secretaryaccording to Imdb.

Similarly, the artist who debuted in the 90s has worked as writer, director, editor and producer in three short films in recent years, according to the aforementioned website.

As for the theater, it has also shone in different stagings with its many facets. In 2010, for example, she produced the play A love story.

Currently, the respected actor would be dedicated to giving acting workshops and consultancies to new interpreters or consolidated histriones who seek to perfect their techniques.

On his Instagram profile, where he has more than 50 thousand followers, only has four publications devoted entirely to this facet. The latest data from the end of last year.

In this postthe actor promotes his workshop to “learn to create based on our emotional experiences”. Among his students, there are stars like Sebastian Martinez.