what he “lost” and his intensive program…

While Michel Sardou is preparing to go back on stage in the fall of 2023, the singer, now 75 years old, is preparing for it like a real top athlete. He takes singing lessons and tries to get back in shape… Explanations.

Michel Sardou is preparing to find its audience (one last time?) in the fall of 2023. Sometime after making his farewell tour (Last Dancewhich ended in 2018), the popular artist wants to start another one, called I remember a goodbye, to connect with his fans again. Before the first big night, at the Zénith de Caen on October 4, 2023, the performer of cult hits Love sickness Where Be a woman prepare as before a competition and improves his instrument, his voice. “You should know that from the age of 50, we lose treble“, he explained to Actu.fr. To overcome these inevitable shortcomings in the face of old age, Michel Sardou (re) takes singing lessons for three hours a day, since January 1. Just that. His audience will get his money’s worth!

Michel Sardou in concert for his farewell: he hired teachers for his voice!

What you lose in treble, you gain in bass. There is no bass limit. As I have quite tonic and hard songs, I need to raise my tone. That’s work with singing teachers who make me do vocals. Which will allow me to gain two or three tones“, detailed the interpreter of Connemara Lakes.

If the artist lives most of the year in his mansion near Deauville, it is in Paris, where his singing teachers are, that he prepares for his tour. At the end of 2022, before returning to Paris, Michel Sardou had however taken advantage of his free time in his house to get back in shape. “I started, I have a little keyboard here on which in the afternoon I watch how far I go. I gained two tones already, it goes quickly. It’s a matter of training. It’s like riding a bicycle“, he explained, still with Actu.fr.

Michel Sardou “no longer knew how to sing”: his wife watches over the grain

It was while sitting at the piano to test his voice that Michel Sardou realized that it was somewhat rusty, he explained to the Parisian. “I no longer knew how to sing. Well, I’ll never have the voice of my 30s again, but singing ‘Le Connemara’ like a slow song, people will be pissed off. I’m still in the category of voice singers… So I take singing lessons and a coach to teach me my songs that I don’t know”, he had assured. This preparation also involves the need to stay healthy: “I keep doing check-ups, analyzes and injections… My wife wants me to be in Olympic shapethat I am 19 years old”.

For his new show, the husband of Anne-Marie Périer intends impress your audience. He wants to offer releases”surprising” of his great hits and dust off lesser known songs as Let’s talk about you, about me Where I remember a farewell. Fans have already answered the call since he sold more than 100,000 tickets for his final concerts.

Michel Sardou goes back on stage: his wife forced him!

If the singer returns to the stage for new farewells, it is because his wife Anne-Marie has done everything for it. “Me, I have nothing to do with my return. For nothing! I didn’t want to come back… But I was taken in by my wife. She was threatening to leave me and go back to her brother… She blackmailed me!“, he told the Parisian.

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