What is going on between Kim Kardashian and her ex Kanye ‘Ye’ West and what is their latest drama | People | Entertainment

According to a source close to the family, the couple is currently not on good terms.

It’s been a turbulent weekend for Kim Kardashian and her ex Kanye Ye West, whose relationship seems to be more strained than ever. She officially claims to be “sick” of the drama.

The friday january 14 the rap artist alleged that she had allegedly been banned from her ex’s house, where she used to live, after picking up her children from school. This is presumably due to the presence of Peter Davidson, who Kim has been dating since last fall.

The saturday january 15 Ye attended her daughter’s fourth birthday party chicago west, organized by the Kardashian family to jointly celebrate the birthday of the daughter of Kylie Jenner, Stormy Webster. All this after a viral video stated that initially they did not tell him the location of the event.

“It’s not like Kanye hadn’t been invited to the birthday party,” a source close to Kim revealed to AND! News on Sunday January 16. “It’s just that Kim was under the impression that he wanted to do his own celebration. She was fine with me coming over to Kylie’s house and is happy the kids get to see them together.”

The source added: “Kim and Kanye are not on great terms right now. She’s really trying to keep the peace each other for the good of the children.” The acquaintance also said that the fashion entrepreneur and founder of SKIMS “is being neutral with Kanye and don’t want no drama. Kim is really upset that Kanye keeps talking about family matters on social media. He thinks he still has full access to Kim and no limits. She got over it.”

Photos of Ye celebrating with Chicago and chatting with Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, at the party. Hollywood Unlocked later shared a video of Kanye in a car, saying, “I just have to thank Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner’s partner) for sending me the address and time and making sure I can have that birthday memory with my daughter, being there. with the rest of the family. I just saw everyone. Kris and (her boyfriend) Corey (Gamble) and Kylie, Kylie let me in, right when I got to the venue. Security stopped me once again when I got there.”

Kylie and her boyfriend Travis they have not commented, and neither does Kim, who shares four children with Ye and requested the divorce of him in February.

“I am very happy that I can be there for my children,” Ye, who recently bought a house across the street from family. “My life is focused on my children and I had a great time today.”

Another source close to Kim has said “Kanye is welcome to see the kids, but you must organize it. Kim doesn’t want him to show up at her house unannounced. Or let him go when he pleases. Children have schedules and do well with structure. She wants to keep that and thinks it will help them. She wants to be able to let them know what’s going on ahead of time so they can transition smoothly.”

While Kim has been dating Pete, in the last weeks, Ye has started dating actress Julia Fox. But before they met during the New Year holidays, the rapper publicly and repeatedly expressed his desire to reconcile with Kim.

“Kanye has been desperately trying to get her back and Kim is over it”, the first source close to Kim told E! News. “She wants to be able to move on in peace.” The source added: “The whole family sees Kanye for who he is and accepts him. Everyone still loves him and wants him around so that it is there for the children. It’s hard, because they also want Kim to be at peace and to be able to move on with her life. Kim hopes that they can have a more structured schedule and that Kanye sticks to it.”