“What is he talking about?” : new very tense exchange between Matthieu Delormeau and Fabrice Di Vizio

The tone is shown between Matthieu Delormeau and Fabrice Di Vizio in the program Touche pas à mon poste this Wednesday, March 23. The two men spoke about the Covid-19.

A disturbing subject. Since March 2020, the whole world has been facing the Covid-19 epidemic. For this, the government has put in place many restrictions, through a confinement, a curfew or even the wearing of a mask and the health and then vaccination history. Over the months, Cyril Hanouna has raised this subject with his columnists and he has, for the occasion, received Fabrice Di Vizio on several occasions. Very remarkable appearances, in particular since he got confused with Matthew Delormeau. This was the case this Wednesday, March 23. While the guest had just taken the floor, the columnist first assured: “So I didn’t understand anything he said” before adding: “What I see is that covid, for Fabrice Di Vizio, is like the death of John Paul II. We announced it for ten years, it finally happened“, he continued. Determined to give his opinion, he said: “It’s been a year since he told us that the covid will eventually be over and that we will remove the mask and well done, it’s done“. For his part, Fabrice Di Vizio wished to modify the words of Matthieu Delormeau: “No I didn’t say that. I exactly said that the covid, it was going to have to live with“.

They had come back up. The tone began to rise between Matthieu Delormeau and Fabrice Di Vizio. “Luckily we didn’t listen to you because it was to die with and today, thanks to doctors, which you are not, we got out of covid“, said the columnist. “It makes no sense“, assured Fabrice Di Vizio before adding: “But what is he telling him?“. A remark that greatly amused the set. Subsequently, he wanted to come back to the comments he may have made over the broadcasts. “I have always said for a year and a half that, in my opinion, it was bullshit to re-open everything and that the closure of establishments was scientifically completely stupid and that we had to keep control of the epidemic.“, he recalled. “It was you who refused to be tested for me to come on set“, he continued, referring to a show where he spoke live from the sidewalk. “I’m not going to get tested because one person, the Madonna of lawyers, wants us to get tested because you weren’t vaccinated.“, retorted matthieu Delormeau before adding:”One day you’re a scientist, one day a doctor, one day nothing and I don’t even know if you’re a lawyer.“. For his part, Fabrice Di Vizio defended himself once again: “He’s not interested in what I have to say, so I have other things to do” before directly attacking the columnist: “You weren’t there last year, you were sleeping. I always said to be careful“, he concluded.

Fabrice Di Vizio: why did he suddenly leave the set?

Fabrice Di Vizio is one of the most publicized figures in the anti-pass and anti-vax movement. He has made numerous appearances in the media and in particular on the show Do not touch My TV for many months. He has a very specific opinion and he doesn’t hesitate to let it be known, no offense to Matthieu Delormeau. The show was delayed because of the preparation for Face à Baba and it was on his Twitter account that Fabrice Di Vizio returned to his tense exchange with the columnist. “I left the TPMP set calmly, greeting Cyril Hanouna after Mathieu Delormeau said that child suicide was a rich man’s problem! We cannot accept everything and this contempt for the suffering of our children is unacceptable.“, he wrote. A message that makes a lot of talk.


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