What is it about Tokischa that attracts foreign artists?

In recent years collaborations have become one of the main promotion, marketing and connection strategies between the artists of the different countries of the world.

One of the artists who has known how to take advantage of her fame and the collaborations she has had is Tokischa. The eccentric singer, time after time, manages to elevate her catalog by adding important collaborations to her list of world successes, indicates a statement.

But, What is it about Tokischa Altagracia Peralta that attracts foreign artists so much? The answer comes from the same exponents who have worked with her.

In the case of Colombian J Balvin, with whom he recorded the controversial and despite strong criticism for the success “Perra”, he pointed out that he supports “Tokischa, because she is a woman who does not forget her people, her community and that she also empowers to women”.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan Danny Ocean, who interprets “Dorito and Cocacola”, together with the Creole, confessed that admires and respects your message very much.

“Working with Tokischa has been amazing. I feel like the message from him is very powerful, aside from the fact that I love what he does artistically,” she expressed.

For his part, the American Dj Marsmello assured that the Dominican not only has an “incredible talent, but she herself is incredible”, she highlighted after collaborating on the song “style”.

The Spanish singer Rosalía, who performs the song “Linda” together with Tokischa, described the young singer as irreverent, who speaks directly, strongly, even though that makes people uncomfortable. She predicted she “will break” into the art world just because of the message she preaches and what she stands for.

While, his most recent collaboration with the American icon, Madonnapoints to common factors between the queen of pop and the Dominican rebel.

In the case of the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, although they have not collaborated together so far, he has also made favorable reviews of the Dominican.

“La Toki”, as she is also well known, is already a reality and represents her community. Thanks to his strong personality he has managed to be respected and valued on foreign beaches.

That said, it seems that more than just talent is required; empower, have identity, and a clear purpose that coexists with global ideals.