What is Justin Bieber’s disease about?

After his long absence from the stage, the Canadian returned to a country that has always welcomed him with open arms; during his first concert of the Justice World Tour, in Mexico, The singer was surprised by the reception of the public during his show in Monterrey, where he also showed his love for the country.

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His successful songs were sung in one voice, such as ‘Baby’ and ‘What Do You Mean’, songs that fans were looking forward to after being absent for 5 years, since the last time he set foot on Mexican territory. His thanks for the attendees were immediate, so much so that the Canadian stopped his show to recognize his followers for being with him on that special night, where he even played the piano while singing one of the romantic melodies of the.

The truth is that now the happiness has not been complete, because due to some health problems that the musician has been presenting, he has had to suspend the first concert that he would perform in Toronto and the two later ones.

The artist, as a solution to this, has rescheduled the presentations; however, for now the final date on which they will take place is unknown. It was through his stories that he communicated what was happening to him: “I can’t believe I’m saying this. I have done my best to get better, but my illness is getting worse. My heart breaks that I will have to postpone the next shows, under medical orders. For all my people, I love you very much, I’m going to rest and get better”, The singer commented on his profile, showing his deep sadness for having made that decision.

Given what was explained, many were the people who supported him and took into account the priority of his health and well-being, but there were also many who disagreed with what happened. For this reason, all kinds of comments are read on social networks: “Since the tour began Justin went through COVID and many problems, even in his last show he said that his throat was hurt and even so he did not want to cancel because he did not want to disappoint to his fans and had serum on his last trip. He gave everything so I don’t want to see anyone complain”, commented a user on Twitter.

Many of his fans assure that the disease they are talking about is surely due to Lyme, which was contracted by tick bites and has various levels of severity.

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It was in 2020 when he commented that he suffered from it: “While many people do not stop saying that Bieber looks terrible, that he uses methamphetamine, etc, What they don’t realize is that I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease.”, He commented on his networks at the time.

Illness that has obviously affected his state of health in the last two years and that, as in these cases, finally affects his professional life, such as the suspension of his shows.

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