what is Netflix’s first rap competition worth?

Netflix unveiled Thursday the first four episodes of its new rap show carried by SCH, Shay and Niska. After a somewhat sluggish and repetitive start, the program finds its rhythm and gains bite.

The New star with rap sauce. After several months of waiting, the video streaming platform unveiled this Thursday, June 9, the first four episodes of its new 100% hip-hop musical competition entitled New school.

Adaptation of the American show Rhythm+Flow, this contest is carried by the sizes of French rap SCH, Shay and Niska. These three jurors aim to unearth, within their cities of origin (Marseille, Brussels and Paris), the rare pearl who will win the competition and the jackpot of 100,000 euros at stake.

Channel auditions

From the first two episodes, more than a dozen candidates appear before SCH, Shay and Niska during rather original individual casting sessions, sometimes organized in a parking lot in Brussels, in a luxury villa in Marseille or even in the heart of of a city in Ile-de-France.

The time of a freestyle, the participant must convince his juror to select him for the rest of the competition, on stage in Paris. At each audition, SCH, Shay and Niska are accompanied and advised by a renowned guest: Jul, Isha, Gradur, Guy2Bezbar, Ninho (by FaceTime) or Soso Maness.

repetitive rhythm

If we understand the scriptwriting interest of disseminating the auditions in several emblematic places of each city, as the performances follow one another, the repetitive side of the format nevertheless weighs on the rhythm and the dynamics of the program as a whole.

Especially since the jurors quite easily send a large majority of the candidates they audition to Paris. In addition to Niska who is more demanding, SCH and Shay distill fairly neutral criticism when they send the candidates back to the sidelines, which leaves the spectator unsatisfied.

“This jury position is something that is scary. Having to say no to someone is hard”, explains Shay at the microphone of BFMTV.

And then if the program has the merit of highlighting the richness of rap and its culture, we regret a little the uneven quality of the candidates preselected by Netflix.

Some totally amateur rappers find themselves facing artists who have already been known to the rap public for several years. Between two performances, SCH confides, for example, that he had tried, well before the show, to sign one of the candidates from Niska’s team, Leys, on his label.

The competition begins on stage

Once the first selections have been made, the jurors meet again, in the third episode, in Paris to audition their twenty talents in public. Like the trial by fire in New staron M6, up-and-coming artists perform on stage one after the other and are directly judged.

The jurors SCH, Shay and Niska in front of the stage of "New school" in Paris where the talents occur.
The SCH, Shay and Niska jurors in front of the stage of “Nouvelle École” in Paris where the talents perform. © Geoffrey Delamarre

The competition then really begins. We then discover SCH, Shay and Niska accomplices, who joke between each performance and do not hesitate to defend tooth and nail their proteges and their city and this time risk harsher criticism.

“Nothing too bad”, nevertheless specifies Niska at the microphone of BFMTV. “It was for the show but in real life between us we were quite united. We really wanted to choose someone who deserved it.”

At the end of this test, then that of the freestyles presented during the fourth episode, only 10 candidates are selected for the next stages of the competition. A sequel that already promises to be tough with on the program, battles, the writing of a song and the production of a clip.

Three new episodes will be available on Netflix on Thursday, June 16. To know the name of the one who will win the 100,000 euros, you will nevertheless have to be patient: the final will be put online on Thursday June 23 on the platform.

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