What is the controversial nickname that Piqué’s friends gave Shakira?

BARCELONA, SPAIN.- After their separation after almost 12 years relationship, details continue to emerge about Shakira Y Gerard Piquédespite the fact that the couple has requested discretion and privacy in “this difficult” situation for the sake of their children.

The controversy persecutes the Colombian singer and the Barcelona player, after revealing, according to international media, the nickname that Piqué’s friends had for Shakira.

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This arises while on social networks the Colombian singer-songwriter has kept up with margin posting only photos and videos related to their projects.

What is the nickname?

Lorraine VazquezSpanish journalist, who has been in charge of closely following the breakup between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, giving updates and details that emerge day after day about the relationship and the alleged infidelity on the part of the player, was in charge of publicizing the nickname that the friends closest to the Spanish they put the Colombian.

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“Everyone around Gerard Piqué knows Shakira as “The Patron” because apparently he did not spend too much good character with the soccer player’s friends, ”revealed the journalist in a program in Spain.

In the same way, he stressed that Shakira was never close to the friends of the father of her children, much less with the wives of the other players on the team. Her friendships being almost nil during her stay in Barcelona.

“She has never mixed too much with Gerard Piqué’s lifelong friends, not even with the rest of the Barça players’ wives. And that has been a problem that the couple has had since the beginning of time,” she explained.

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Meanwhile, this is the most recent that has been known regarding this couple who is in the process of separation.