What is the life of Héctor Alterio, a great reference in national cinema

Argentina always had great actors. Several of them not only had the opportunity to succeed in our country and receive recognition from viewers, but also gained popularity in other parts of the world. In this list is Hector Altherio.

Since he began his career as an interpreter, he has shown how easy it is to take on new projects and to put himself in the shoes of characters that forced him to leave his comfort zone.

In this way, he managed to star in films that were acclaimed in different countries and that were even enshrined in the Oscar Awards. One of them is La Historia oficial, where she worked with Norma Aleandro.

He also stood out in other national productions such as La tregua, Camila, El Hijo de la Novia and in various projects he carried out in Spain, a country that became his second home and where he continued to grow as a actor.

Héctor Alterio very smiling in a photograph taken in 2010 / Source: Instagram

Héctor Alterio and his life in full 2022

At the moment, Hector Altherio lives in Madrid, is 92 years old and still works as a actor. In an interview, he revealed that he practices this profession with the same enthusiasm, restlessness and possibilities as when he started.

“When I act I feel powerful”, revealed with total sincerity. When he’s in front of cameras or on stage, he wants people to pay attention to him and only look at him. “I know it’s a fight against my vanity,” he added.

Although he is still working and enjoying it as if it were the first time, he also has to face the harsh reality that he is older. For this reason, you should be more selective when choosing the projects you are going to take on. “I’m happy, but it’s true that I can’t stop either,” he commented.