What is the most viewed and number one in Mexico?

They say that the second versions of telenovela stories, they do not always surpass the original, especially when it comes to audience, since there always tends to be comparisons between actors, actresses and even in the script. However, there are exceptions that stand out.

At this time, the soap opera most seen in Mexico is the new version of ‘The rich also cry’, a story made famous by Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra in 1979 and that in 2022 hits the screens with Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli at 9:30 at night on Las Estrellas .

This story is a production of TelevisaUnivision and recorded 3.2 million viewers this Wednesday, while the second position in the ranking went to the telenovela ‘La inheritance: a legacy of love’.

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Telenovelas: What is the most watched and number one in Mexico?

Telenovelas: Which is the most viewed and number one in Mexico? Photo: Televisa Univision

The Legacy: A Legacy of Love, also from TelevisaUnivisión, which features lead performances by Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa, has reached an average of 3 million viewers at 8:30 p.m.

And in the case of the soap opera Divided Love, in which Gabriel Soto participates as the protagonist at 6:30 in the afternoon, it reached 2.4 million viewers, also this past Wednesday.

The soap opera Corazón Guerrero has only been on the air for a month since its premiere on Mexican screens and has meant for the Mexican host Alejandra Espinoza, the great opportunity of her career as the protagonist of said story, which is having large audiences.

In these times, in which entertainment platforms have embraced and gained great popularity, soap operas continue to be all the rage among the public, who love melodramas.

Since the first chapter, Corazón Guerrero, a telenovela broadcast on the ‘Las Estrellas’ channel, registered 2.2 million viewers, surpassing its direct competition by 281 percent.

In this first month, the telenovela, in which Gonzalo García Vivanco, Natalia Esperón, Ana Martín, Gaby Spanic, Altair Jarabo, Sabine Moussier, Diego Olivera, Rodrigo Guirao and Christian de la Campa, among others, also participate, has remained on the 2 million viewers.

The melodrama Corazón Guerrero was the most watched in its time slot and reached an audience of 2 million viewers who did not miss that chapter, indicated Televisa in its April 20 registry.

In Warrior Heart, Alexandra Espinoza plays Mariluz, a determined and independent woman who does not allow herself to be defeated by adversity, who fights and moves forward with optimism and courage.

When I read the script and found Mariluz I said ‘I would love to play her’ because I felt very much in her, I felt very much in her skin,” the actress told a print media.

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