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The princess Charlene from Monacowife of prince Albert II, reappears before the public with his family after spending a long time recovering from a illness otorhinolaryngology.

During the year 2021, Charlene spent almost ten months in South Africahis native country, undergoing several medical interventions due to the serious infection he suffered in his nose, throat and ears.

Just in November 2021 he returned to the principality of Monaco, but since then he has not made public appearances, as he was still taking care of his Health.

The version spread by the Monegasque crown is that the infection occurred after carrying out a dental implant, which caused a complicated picture to develop at ear level.

Few clear and concise communications, deprived in her delicate state of health that kept her in her native country, South Africa, for almost ten long months in 2021, in a stay in which she had to deal without the company of her husband, nor her parents and in the midst of the pandemic.

It was in December of last year that she arrived in Monaco and according to the newspaper La Razón, Charlene entered a specialized mental health center, to rest under medical supervision because her stay in her nation took its toll on her, after being away from her family. and in his delicate situation.

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The princes of Monaco are back together

As reported by Hola magazine, the princess was seen again for the first time in months with her husband Alberto de Mónaco and their two children, the the prince James Y the princess Gabrielle.

The Marquise de Baux appeared very healthy with her family in a portrait of the photographer Eric Mathonwhere the four pose together and appear dressed in cream-colored combinations.

In the Photography Charlene is seen wearing an elegant beige dress again, after wearing many comfortable garments during her time in South Africa.

Gabriela de Monaco was combined with her mother, while Alberto II wore a pastel white tuxedo and Prince Jaime stood out with a jacket that bordered on brown tones.

In a second shared image, the Royal family on the church receiving the words of the priest.

The images were made public to congratulate the princes on their people for the recent Easter holidays.

The last time the family was seen together was on November 8 of last year, when Princess Charlene herself shared on her official Twitter account Instagraman image of the four together after their return to Monaco.

In that photo, Charlene was thanking everyone for keeping her strong. Five months later, the Princess Consort of Monaco is back looking much healthier. (AND)

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