What is the Ramsay Hunt syndrome that Justin Bieber suffers from

Justin Bieber made a video to say that he has a syndrome that has caused half of his face to be paralyzed. We explain what it consists of

Ramsay Hunt syndrome consists of different affections in the auditory canal, as well as in the facial nerve that causes paralysis of the face and other symptoms.

Justin Bieber explained his need to take rest due to the syndrome as it has caused half of his face to become paralyzed making him unable to smile or blink on one side.

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The condition is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, a disease characterized by internal and external rashes, those who have suffered from this disease may develop Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Chickenpox is a disease that remains in the body even after treatment for visible symptoms, so the syndrome can appear years later.

Among the symptoms that develop when having Ramsay Hunt are: Ringing in the ears (tinnitus), vertigo, changes in the perception of taste or total loss of taste, severe ear pain or dryness.

Fortunately, the virus has a cure, if antiviral treatment is given in time, which usually lasts about five days.

This is how the nerves of the face are inflamed, starting from the ear (Photo: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) Infobae

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The treatment is usually acyclovir and if this presents complications a doctor can prescribe intramuscular steroids.

Justin Bieber asked his fans to understand the situation as he had to cancel his Justice tour due to doctor’s orders.