What Michelle Obama’s advice is for anyone wanting a long, happy relationship

Input provides Michelle Obama clear: She is a completely normal person, just like her readers. “Don’t forget that sometimes I lie in bed at night wondering if I’m good enough or that, just like everyone else, I have to overcome obstacles,” writes the ex-First Lady of the United States. “It’s not uncommon for me to turn on the light in the bathroom in the morning, take a quick look in the mirror and then want to switch it off again straight away. “With this personal and unpretentious way of writing Obama already inspired millions of fans worldwide in her autobiography “Becoming”, published in 2018. In mid-November, the 58-year-old published her second book: “The Light in Us” is supposed to be a look at her “personal toolbox”, writes you.

The Value of Friendship

Real relationships are particularly important, writes Obama for example. “My true friends know what I look like with no makeup, bad lighting, and an awkward angle. They know me, even when things are going haywire. They probably even know how my feet smell after a long day. But, and that’s more important, they also know my real feelings, my true self, and I know theirs.” Even behind the “glittering surface of my life with Barack‘ hard work often hides. ‘I have sincerely sought to dispel the myth that my husband is a perfect man, our marriage is a perfect relationship, and more generally that love is some easy-going exercise.’