What neighborhood did Tini Stoessel move to?

It was a very busy end of the year for Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo dePaulwho celebrated together in these days not only Christmas, but also, and especially, winning the World Cup.

Both were publicly shown together these days, first in a show of Tini Stoesselto which Paul’s he attended with his partner, world champion and friend Leandro Paredes. There, the soccer player was also accompanied by his daughter.

In addition, the couple was also seen shopping for Christmas, where, upon being discovered by a group of fans, Paul’s he had to ask please that they give them space and time to be able to do the shopping.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul.
Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul.

Now, where were you spending most of your time during all the days after the World Cup? in the house to which tini recently moved into La Alameda.

The singer lives in the first neighborhood launched in Nordelta, in 1999. With lots of 850 square meters on average, it is the neighborhood with the cheapest real estate offer of the three largest in Nordelta.

In Nordelta, in the neighborhood chat, it was commented during those days that some soccer players rented houses in the different neighborhoods to spend a few days off in the summer and parties with their families.