what nickname did Estiwar G give Claudia Bahamón, what ñerada said

‘Estiwar G’ is a ñero character who, despite appearing in public without a costume, maintains all his essence as a participant in the ‘Masterchef’ competition.

The contestant, who in the past has been critical of some of his rivals on the RCN Channel culinary program, had a very particular interaction with presenter Claudia Bahamón.

The man surprised the host of the program with a phrase, very much in the style of ‘Estiwar G’, in the middle of a conversation they both had shortly before one of the tests.

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‘Masterchef’: what nickname did ‘Estiwar G’ give Claudia Bahamón and what ‘ñerada’ did she say

During chapter 22 of ‘Masterchef’, Claudia Bahamón greeted him affectionately and he answered with an equally affectionate nickname: “Hello, my merengoncito.” There, when she asked him about her dish with chunchullo, he threw a ñero phrase.

“Chunchullo, what pride and it will be yours,” the man replied, surprising the presenter and causing laughter from the other participants.

The contestant had a good result in his dish, to the point that they gave the hostess a try, which allowed the “ñero” to make a new comment. “My chunchullo is a tactic to seduce Claudia Bahamón,” she said.

This was an interaction that the culinary show’s ñero character shared with the show’s host, with whom he has established a special trust.