What problem did Jenni Rivera have with Mariana Seoane?

Jenni Rivera and Mariana Seoane always showed a very strong character in front of the cameras and that led to a lawsuit between the artists in the past.

Apparently there was always friction between them but the trigger for the conflict was a radio interview that La Diva de la Banda gave and in which she was asked who she preferred to do a duet with, Graciela Beltrán or Mariana, to which she did not hesitate to answer that with the first, since he had more talent than Seoane, who only had “levers”.

That word was exactly the one that generated great anger in the Mexican and when they were confronted on the same radio program they clashed harshly. However, the problem did not end there because in “El Gordo y la Flaca” both had a new contact but since Jenni was connected via satellite, obviously she did not have a good signal and the communication was cut, generating a joke on the forum that made people feel the artist very humiliated.

Finally, when Rivera was invited to the Univisión program days later, she decided to sing a few verses of a song (which contained some insults) and left the live show, making it clear that for her the satellite did not fall, but they did it on purpose. .

After the death of the singer, Mariana spoke several times about the subject and in a dialogue with Gustavo Infante commented that the media tried to confront them, although “I never followed the flow” said. On the other hand, he defined it as “a beauty of a woman, frank and loyal”.