What problems King Charles still has to solve before his coronation

It is therefore questionable whether Charles’ younger son Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan to the coronation are invited. Harry had made serious allegations against the palace and his family in his recently published biography “Reserve”. If Charles is concerned with conveying the image of the united family at the big ceremony, he has to hurry, there is not much time left. A reconciliation should not be completely ruled out.

According to the report of Sunday Times there could be meetings in the coming weeks. “It will require flexibility on all sides, but it’s possible, it’s fixable,” the paper quoted the source as saying, who is close to the king but also knows Harry and Meghan well. First a meeting between Harry, Prince William and Charles with neutral mediators. Later, wives were also to be included. The royals should say to Harry, “We understand the pain you’ve experienced,” the source said Sunday Times. A reconciliation must absolutely before the coronation reached so that the day is not overshadowed. William burns with anger at his brother, the report continues, but understands “what needs to be done for the good of the country.”