What Sabrina Carballo replied to Chanchi Estévez’s romantic confession

this week started The famous hotel (El Trece), the long-awaited reality show hosted by pampita and the chinese leunisand in which some slightly more recognized figures face each other and others of less fame but who have already demonstrated their full potential in the competition.

Among them are Alex Cannigia, Rodrigo Noya, Imanol Rodríguez, Leo García, Walter Queijeiro, Martín Salwe, Pato Galván, Silvina Luna, Militta Bora, Majo Martino, Lissa Vera, Matilda Blanco, Kate Rodríguez and Melody Luz. But also, there is a former couple on the show who is giving a lot to talk about, Chanchi Estevez and Sabrina Carballo.