what she could never do…

Michèle Torr is a woman whose life has been marked by drama. One of which occurred in his youth: the death of his mother. A death for which she keeps immense regrets as she confided in an interview.

His first successes on stage, Michele Torr celebrated them with modesty. The singer began her career in the 1960s. She sings In my arms forget your pain in 1964. The same year, it is the consecration: she goes on stage at the Olympia. She ensures the first part of the concert of Claude Francois. For this concert, Michèle Torr will not want the presence of her family in the Parisian performance hall. The 75-year-old star looks back on her career and her intimate life in an interview.

Michèle Torr: what she forbade her mother and her family

“When I did the Olympia, since I don’t like my family to be in the room, I didn’t want her (her mother) to come. She had come in the afternoon to set up my dressing room, but I didn’t want her to stay for the show. I hope she didn’t listen to me and hid in a little corner!”, says Michèle Torr in an interview with the magazine Paris here. It must be said that, thereafter, the absence of his mother in his life and his career will be glaring…

The weight of “guilt”: Michèle Torr confides

The following year, his mother Clémente Tort (the true spelling of his surname) dies in a road accident. When Clémente Tort disappears at the wheel of her Renault 4L offered by her daughter a few months earlier, the singer is barely of age. “I then realized that I had just lost the essential, she remembers fondly. I was 18, I was just starting out in the business, and my mom left.“Despite her young age, she was”guilt-ridden.I also feared that I had not been present and loving enough. She dreamed of having a house of her own, I didn’t have time to buy it for him”she told the magazine retrospectively We both.

Michèle Torr, brief lover of the late singer Christophe, father of her son Romain, had made tender confessions about her beloved mother in Private Life, Public Lifein 2010. “In her youth, she had even been noticed by Jean Nohain, who had engaged her for several weeks on the radio. But her family had forced her to give up! And she had become the wife of my father, the wife of ‘a modest campaign postman.’ A destiny that could have been that of Michèle Torr. “Without her, I too might have remained a worker in the same broom factory where I started working at 15.”

To her mother, Michelle Torr will dedicate a song: Have you ever thought?, in which she sings “Tell me my mother, have you ever thought about your eighteenth birthday and weren’t you mistaken from time to time…”

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