What the new lawsuit against Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade says

On December 31, 2022, a new civil lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, California, against Gloria Trevi and producer Sergio Andrade, according to documents obtained by the magazine. rolling stones and that they revive the scandal after more than 20 years.

Neither the name of Gloria, nor that of Sergio, are specifically named in the lawsuit, but the details explained in the documents reveal that it would be about them, since concerts and records recorded by the Mexican artist are mentioned.

It should be remembered that Gloria Trevi, Sergio Andrade and María Raquenel ‘Mary Boquitas’ They were arrested in Brazil in 2000 and extradited to Mexico on charges of kidnapping, rape and corruption of minors against Karina Yapor, after the young woman’s family found her grandson in Spain. Gloria and Raquenel were acquitted in 2004, while Andrade was sentenced to seven years and ten months, although he was released in 2007.

What does this new lawsuit against you say?

The new demand that the magazine published rolling stones does not mention the case of Karina Yapor, but that of other two women who are named as Jane Does, and that in the early 1990s they were between the ages of 13 and 15, “when Trevi approached them in public and lured them into joining Andrade’s supposed music training program by promoting it as an elite star-making opportunity. The victims say Trevi groomed them to become Andrade’s sex slaves, and that much of their abuse occurred in Los Angeles County.”

The documents read: “They used their role, status and power as a well-known and successful Mexican pop star and famous producer to gain access, groom, manipulate and exploit [a las víctimas] and force sexual contact with them over a course of years.”

In the early 1990s, the two plaintiffs lived with their families in Puebla, Mexico, where they met Gloria Trevi, who invited them to an audition that resulted in an offer to be part of her musical group. One of them refers that she was told that “if she wanted to stay in the group, she had to have sexual relations” with Sergio, something she did not want, “but she felt extreme pressure because she admired [Trevi] Y [Andrade]who were adults, and wanted to stay in the group and didn’t know what else to do,” the lawsuit says.

Sergio Andrade he was 36 and one of the plaintiffs was 16, but he allegedly forced her to commit an initial sexual assault that night and then manipulated or “forced” her into a series of assaults and rapes that continued until about 2001, according to the complaint.

“When [Trevi] I perceived that [Jane Doe 1] was at a ‘breaking point’ due to the abuse, [ella] interceded to manipulate and force [Jane Doe 1] to stay with the group, not leave and not tell anyone about it, causing the sexual abuse to continue,” the documents say. “[Ella] I was telling [Jane Doe 1] that the outside world was much worse than staying with the group.”

As published by Rolling Stone, the lawsuit accuses Gloria Trevi of telling one of the young women that the group was “a family” and that she belonged there. “What awaits you if you return to the city of Puebla? This is your chance, so don’t waste it. You are going to travel, make music, learn a lot, BUT you need to do this”, Trevi allegedly asked the young woman, who denounces that she was also a victim of “whipping, beatings, food deprivation and forced physical exercise” if they dared to “displease him “.

Regarding the second plaintiff, the documents state that she was 13 years old in June 1989 when Trevi allegedly saw her in front of a radio station in Mexico City. He would have invited her to an audition where he allegedly asked her to remove her clothes, claiming that she herself had stripped for her own audition because it was necessary to identify “what parts of her body needed work.”

According to details published by Rolling Stone, the lawsuit states that Trevi began to prepare the girl to become Andrade’s “girlfriend”, telling her that she was the perfect candidate to make him “believe in love again” after another girl his own age “betrayed” him and broke his heart. So it was that Andrade began to sexually assault her in an office and an apartment in Mexico City, her file states, in addition to beating her with a belt, depriving her of food and forbidding her to use the bathroom.

The paperwork also refers that Sergio Andrade promised her that he would “make her a star” like Trevi, only if she complied with his demands. According to the complaint, she marked a calendar with dates showing alleged plans to travel to Los Angeles to record her debut album, but she would “cross out the date” if she “misbehaved.”

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