What to do in Ibagué after the cancellation of the Jamming Festival this weekend

A) Yes It happened to some 8,000 people who came from Europe to enjoy Jammingand thousands more who had planned to leave their respective cities to attend the mega-concert in Ibagué.

With the confirmation that the festival will not take place, at least on the scheduled dates, the people who are already in the capital of Tolima and those who were on their way they were deprogrammed and under the uncertainty of what will happen to their money, since the organizer has not shown his face.

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Given the suspension of the event, names of other festivals that will take place in Ibagué during this holiday weekendand that they are inviting people who can no longer go to Jamming.

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What to do in Ibagué, after the cancellation of the Jamming Festival

One of the musical events that will take place in the capital of Tolima will be the Hoomoana Fest, which will start this Friday and end on March 21date on which the last day of the Jamming was scheduled.

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The festival has several electronic music DJs as guests, reggaeton shows and imitators of ‘Yo me llamo’, a Caracol Television program, like the one he played Nicky Jam.

After Jamming canceled the concert, Hoomoana Fest issued the following statement, announcing that it will continue with the organization of its festival and inviting those who were already in Ibagué to join:

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March, various activities of the Colombian Music Festival will also be held in Ibaguéwhich makes its 36th edition since March 15.

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In addition to the musical events, Tripadvisor recommends several activities to do in the capital of Tolima such as visit the Combeima Canyon, the City Botanical Garden and the Payande Waterfalls.