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After confirming the separation of Sebastian Caicedo Y Carmen Villalobos A few months ago, the entertainment media investigated the love past of the actress 39 year old Colombian.

The artist, originally from Barranquillaknown for her roles in “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” and “Until money separates us”, she had romances with renowned men from the world of showand today we want to review those relationships, as reported by Ciudad Magazine.

The couples and romances of Carmen Villalobos in her private life

In a recent interviewCarmen Villalobos confessed that she “delivers” in love and also said: “I am passionate, I am intense, I am consenting, I love being pampered, being treated like a princess, like what I am.”

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Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo met in 2007 while recording “No one is eternal in the world.” A year later, their relationship flowed but due to work commitments, they had to separate.

Then, the couple was chosen to star in the soap opera “Rich Children, Poor Parents” in 2009, where they shared a stage as boyfriends and colleagues at the same time.

In 2019, Villalobos confessed that he married Caicedo four times. On her anniversary, Carmen wrote: “Happy 13 years, my love. May we continue dancing and enjoying this journey together. I love you with all my soul”, in which she shared a video in instagram with the moments in which they enjoyed together”.

However, in July 2022, the actor couple announced their separation after 12 years of dating and three of marriage. Villalobos revealed that “Sebastián and I made the decision to separate after 13 years of relationship. It is better to say goodbye, from love, that same love that always characterized us.

Carmen Villalobos and William Levy

Before divorce de Caicedo, it was rumored that Carmen Villalobos had something with William Levy, his partner in the series “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”. Due to their good vibes, fans speculated that there was a relationship but both confessed that they are very good friends and colleagues.

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His fans mentioned that the Cuban and the Colombian would make a good couple beyond fiction. Given this, Carmen spoke about it where she stated that “I adore William, he has a very cool energy, he is pure tasty. He has what we costeños have”.

Carmen Villalobos and Horacio Pancheri

After her separation from Sebastián Caicedo, it is speculated that the Colombian actress could be giving herself a new opportunity in the love with Horace Pancheri, actor from “The Game of Keys”.

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As they commented in the media Colombians, the chemistry between Villalobos and Pancheri would have occurred during the reality show TelemundoTop Chef VIP” where the model is the presenter and he is a contestant who is putting his cooking skills to the test.

In it Program assured that both actors attended a meeting together party, where they were seen very close and affectionate and that later they went out together without anyone knowing where they went. (AND)

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