What you didn’t know about… Christian Pagán | shows

The race of Christian Pagan is about to take a 180 degree turn, with your participation in the program NBC’s American Song Contestwhere he competes on behalf of Puerto Rico.

The winner of the first season of Idol Puerto Rico, was favored by the public in the semifinal stage with the song Loko, which he co-wrote with Desmond Child. The Puerto Rican is the only Latino in the competition, which is a version of the Eurovision concept.

“There is a lot of Latino community in different parts of the nation. I know there are going to be a lot of people who will identify with me. So the responsibility is like triple ”, he acknowledged.

Pagán, in addition to developing as an interpreter, has shown interest in acting after participating in projects such as Guerra de Ídolos (Netflix) and The Bay (Amazon Prime), so he does not rule out resuming this facet.

“These are opportunities that I never close. Obviously, my priority will continue to be music, whatever goes around that. Whenever there is a ‘break’, I like to do it because they are opportunities that make me grow. They are projects that take me out of my comfort zone”, he told THE SPOKESPERSON.

Taste: I like the limber, the texture of ice.

Singer: I have so many that have inspired me like Tommy Torres, Sin Bandera, I like the ‘feeling’ of John Mayer, there are many. As a musician I consume all kinds of music, all genres.

Smell: The one with Zara’s perfume and the smell of my mom’s food.

Book: I’m reading The Knock right now. Super ‘random’, but I like those themes of antiquity, where things come from.

Meal: My mom’s chicken rice.

Series: The Simpson

Movie: memento

Place: My house, I love being at home.

Instagram, Facebook or TikTok: I think I’m a frustrated photographer, so I like that glamor that Instagram has of being able to guillarte a bit of photography. I would love to get a little more involved in Tik Tok, because although Instagram is the one I use the most, Tik Tok is a sea of ​​​​content and one gets involved there. So to use Tik Tok is my favorite, but to create Instagram content.

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