What you didn’t know about… Michael Stuart | shows

Michael Stuart hopes that his victory in the Tu Cara Me Suena (Univisión) competition will mark the beginning of a new stage in his career.

To take advantage of the exposure that the program gave him, the singer refines the celebration of a concert where he will celebrate his 25 years of musical career.

“The concert is closer than people think. At any moment we will make the announcement”, said the artist to THE SPOKESPERSON.

On the other hand, the salsero stated that he is working on what will be his next record production, which includes the promotional single, Let’s Dance.

“I have a complete album with almost 13 songs… After Bailemos comes a surprise that I have with Christian Daniel,” said the actor.

The artist shared some of his lesser-known tastes, from his book to his favorite social network.

Meal: suckling pig, pig’s foot

Fragrance: Bond Number Nine, Riverside

Series: Hannah (Amazon)

Book: The 22 immutable laws of marketing

Song: Nobody is saved from the rumba

Social media: I’m more Instagram. I should pay attention to Tik Tok because emphasizing that I’m half a clown, because Tik Tok is perfect for that, but I still haven’t got the flow.

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