What’s wrong with Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony was at the center of the controversy after not having appeared at his scheduled show in Panama. Minutes before going on stage, the musician had an accident in his dressing room and injured his back, which is why he had to cancel the presentation, generating all kinds of repercussions.

After the incident, the Puerto Rican singer was immediately transferred to Miami, where his medical team evaluated him to rule out serious problems. All the time, the artist was accompanied by his girlfriend, the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira.

Once he managed to compose himself a bit, the singer recorded a video for all his fans where he told how he was feeling: “I’m fine, they’re taking care of me, these are things that happen (…) I’m a human being, I hurt my back and I hope you wish me the best,” the artist remarked.

Anthony was distressed by what happened and said that he is not used to canceling his shows. “I will return soon to keep my word. Unfortunately, it is a very strong thing for me because I am not one to cancel, I have no history of that, nor a reputation for that,” he said.

Marc Anthony fans will have to wait again, as this concert was originally scheduled for February 23 but was postponed to May 4 due to COVID-19. This time the date of the next concert has not yet slipped.