When and where to watch Jennifer Lopez’s exciting new documentary – Nueva Mujer

Singer Jennifer Lopez He presented his documentary half-timeat the opening of the Tribeca Festival held in New York, United States.

JLowho dazzled with her outfit, wearing the engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave her, presented her documentary tape, which addresses her preparation for the Super Bowl halftime presentation, which she had with the Colombian singer Shakira.

The American actress with Puerto Rican roots told for this production that she did not think it was a good idea to hire two people to perform at the NFL show: “This is the worst idea in the world for two people to perform at the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world”, she is heard saying annoyed in the documentary.

Several people and news portals misinterpreted this message from the interpreter of On the Floor as a criticism against the Colombian artist, but JLo only referred to having two great artists on stage.

However, the final product turned out to be a resounding success, although some fans of both artists complained at the time that neither of their idols had enough minutes to properly dedicate to their most popular songs. That was precisely one of the fears expressed by Jennifer, as can be seen in the documentary: “We have six minutes, thirty seconds for each song. If we take a minute, we’ll be in trouble. But we need to have our moment: this can’t be a fucking magazineJennifer explained.

Where and when can you see the Jennifer Lopez documentary

This exciting documentary was produced by the streaming giant, Netflix and will be available in the platform catalog from Tuesday June 14th.

In ‘Halftime’ we will see how the diva from the Bronx tells how she prepared for her Super Bowl halftime show, along with the Colombian singer Shakira.