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‘Day by day’ is one of the most watched programs in the morning. It is currently presented by Carolina Cruz, Carolina Soto, Juan Diego Vanegas, Carlos Calero and Catalina Gómez.

Many viewers have criticized the production, because, for them, there are many presenters. But the truth is that this has a reason: due to other projects, work trips or vacations, they are not always together on set.

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And precisely, Carolina Soto referred to a new absence of hers in ‘Día a día.’ A few months ago it he embarked with his family on a cruise and soon it will do it again, exactly in December and heading for the snow.

She herself spoke about the subject through her Instagram stories: “What destination would you like to go to on your next vacation?” A follower asked her, and that’s when Soto made the revelation: “This time, December, we are not going to spend it here. The children want to know the snow, so we are making plans to go to the snow. Let’s see if God wants.”

Carolina Soto responded to criticism for her absences in ‘Day by day’

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When the presenter misses the program, she receives all kinds of comments, among those who congratulate her and those who claim you have the perfect job because you can miss the days you want.

Precisely to clarify the situation, the same famous assured that she does not receive special treatment:

“I live happily with my job because I do what I like and, second, because I work for a company like Caracol Televisión, which is spectacular. But, in addition, these 15 days are the legal days that you should also have at your job, ”she replied a few months ago with all due respect, to an Internet user who taunted her.