When Ángela Aguilar assured that Pepe Aguilar hit her

After Angela Aguilar announced his new stage as a soloist, several videos have come to light in which his father is exposed, Pepe Aguilar, who instilled in him his love for regional Mexican music.

From its inception the singer and composer She showed that she is a very talented girl and that she is not afraid of the recording cameras, on the contrary, she shows security and confidence when imposing herself in each of her presentations.

A video circulates through social networks in which Ángela Aguilar is accompanying her parents in an interview and they ask her how is the treatment they give youHence, the 5-year-old girl expressed her feelings spontaneously.

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Without being fully aware of what she was saying, Ángela Aguilar commented that Pepe Aguilar and his mother aneliz alvarez first they pampered her and then they hit her, causing quite a stir with this expressive and natural way of saying it.

First they pamper me and then they hit me, I don’t know, little Angela said in the middle of the interview.

Laughing, Pepe Aguilar, who is holding her in his arms, ask if he treats her badly and she indiscreet assures that little. The comments on these statements continue to accumulate, as there are many who only affirm that great innocence and charisma are seen in that little girl

Others have reacted to seeing the little Angela Aguilar show her personality since she was a child, assuring that today she is still a self-assured young woman who is loved by everyone.

It was impossible not to see the face of that innocent girl who spoke in front of the cameras and answered the questions without imagining that he exposed his parentswho took everything with good humor, it shows that they are a family without filters.

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Without a doubt, Ángela Aguilar exposed herself naturally next to her parents, so it is not seen that she acted, on the contrary, she reacted spontaneously and this fabulous moment continues to cause a stir and will remain in history.


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