when does the filming of season 3 start

lily collins in the season 2 ending


‘Emily in Paris’ is confirmed for a third and fourth season. With this news, we would only need to sit down and wait for the new chapters to arrive, and find out if Emily decides to stay in Paris to be part of the new Savoir or go to Chicago to resume her previous life, with the love triangle with Gabriel and Alfie in the middle. But since we can’t sit still (and we’re as obsessed with the Netflix series as you are), today we’re here to tell you when they plan to resume filming and a surprise that also reveals a lot about the plot of the new installment.

This new information comes to us directly from the cast of ‘Emily in Paris’, particularly from William Abadie, the actor who plays Antonie. As he has told Us Weekly, season 3 is scheduled to start filming this June: “We are in the middle of pre-production and I think we will go to Paris at the beginning of June.”

If this comes true, the chances of ‘Emily in Paris’ season 3 arriving at the end of this 2022 are very feasible. Although we have found the surprise with the following that the interpreter has revealed, and that is that very probably Paris will not be the only European city that we will visit in the coming episodes. “I also predict that, with Alfie going to London, it is very possible that we will spend time in this city. It’s not official, don’t take my word for it 100%, but that visit to London could happen,” reveals William.

The meaning of these words is clear: we will have more Emily-Alfie moments, and they will surely try to have a long-distance relationship, especially now that Gabriel has decided to take a chance with Camille. This theory gains more strength with the fact that Lucien Laviscount, Alfie’s interpreter, becomes a regular character in the series, with more minutes in the new chapters.

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