“When he arrived we all had to turn to the wall”: Luis Miguel’s former employee reveals the difficult personality and how hard it was to work for the Mexican star | People | Entertainment

Adored by millions of followers in Latin America, Luis Miguel is one of the idols of music who is not only famous for his vocal quality, but also for his particular personality. A solitary, haughty man that no one has been able to decipher, he is always the center of controversy for the way he acts.

The interpreter of successful melodies, remembered as very capricious, is again the focus of criticism when statements from a former employee who worked for the singer come to light.

The bioseries that Netflix premiered, drew a wide spectrum of how the artist got along with his family and employees, given the difficult way he has to interrelate with those around him.

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Former worker explains how Luis Miguel was treated

The version given by Ana Pau Villarín, a writer for Cine Premiere magazine about her experience working for Luis Miguel, came up unexpectedly when she was interviewed on the content creator’s podcast, Álex Larracilla, published by Milenio.

In the conversation, she was asked how her anecdotes have been when working as bands and artists with recognized international experience, and the name of the Mexican star came up, since three years ago she had to work on her team.

Despite the fact that he adds a list of celebrities, with a gesture he said everything that working for Luis Miguel meant to him, after being considered one of the most difficult stars in the Hispanic entertainment world.

“… Luis Miguel, less than zero,” said the young woman, describing the conduct or treatment of the famous, nicknamed “The Sun of America”, as someone unattainable.

After being consulted about some anecdotes, she made it clear that she could not give many explanations, remembering a confidentiality agreement that she signed in the past, and although it has already expired, she had that consideration.

“I can’t give you details, but I can give you broad outlines, because I had to sign the confidentiality agreement, which almost no artist makes you sign, so from there …”, points out the young communicologist, giving a clue as to what she could expect from the artist by forcing this contract.

He said that he never understood the reason for his behavior when he arrived at the concerts, and even less so as it was his first job and he had little experience with artists.

When Luis Miguel arrived, who was always very late, that’s why the concerts always started late, nobody could be watching him, because he didn’t like it, we all had to turn to the wall

Still confused by this imposition, Villarín added that this instruction given to all workers to avoid eye contact upon arrival on stage was something very strange, because he simply did not like being observed.

The complicated childhood of the interpreter of “When the Sun heats up, with a father who exploited his artistic potential and a mother who mysteriously disappeared from his life, without knowing anything about her again, marked the lonely life and why not, until bitter days in which he failed to consolidate a family. (AND)

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